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VR Overview

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using a headset and/or controller.

What can I do with the Sachin Saga VR Headset?

There is lot of content on the web that you can try and you’ll love. You can play games, use apps, watch Movies, YouTube, etc. It brings a whole a new experience, something that you might not have experienced before.

Is there a particular age to use VR?

No. But it is recommended that children below the age of 13 have some guidance while using it. Just like any other product that might be using, VR Has its safety manual that you can refer. (in the box)

I have never used VR before, How do I use it?

It’s as easy as clicking on the content and placing your device on the headset to view, watch and play. The lenses on the headset are required for an immersive experience. In addition, the Sachin Saga VR Headset comes with a manual that you can refer to for the set up.

Sachin Saga VR Headset

Does the headset support both iPhone and Android Phones?

Yes Of course. The headset is compatible for both iPhone and Android. There is a lot of content out there that can experienced on both platforms.

Can I use headphones to watch VR videos?

Yes. The headphone which is compatible with your phone can be connected to the phone while playing the game for a good audio experience.

What should I do if the video is blurry or doesn’t look right?

Check if the Phone is placed properly. If misplaced, the experience can be blur. Adjust the straps and the inter-pupillary distance for better clarity. Ensure the headset lenses are clean. If not, clean with a fibre cloth.

Is the Headset heavy on the head?

Not at all. In fact it is the lightest headset there is. It weighs just 242 grams.

Will my Smartphone fit in to the Headset?

If your Phone scree size is between 4.7 and 6.4 inches. Yes it will.

What are the specs on VR’s lenses?

The specs are 42mm diameter HD optical lenses: 5. 2 fold magnification for immersive virtual reality

What controls are on the VR headset?

The headset has an inter Pupillary distance adjustment which allows one to adjust the distance between the eyes

What does the package contain?

Sachin Saga VR-Headset, Sachin Saga Bluetooth controller (batteries not included), user manual, safety manual and know your device guide.

Is it advisable to walk around while wearing VR?


Can I wear my glasses inside of the headset?

Yes. However certain big frames does not fit the headset properly which hampers the VR experience.

How can I adjust the fit of the VR headset?

Adjust the length of the top head strap and the main strap.

Sachin Saga Bluetooth Controller

Can I use ANY Bluetooth controller for the Sachin Saga VR Game?

No. It has to be specifically the Sachin saga controller which you can buy here.

Is the Bluetooth Controller compatible with iPhone and Android Phones?

Yes. It is multi purpose controller which can be paired with both iPhone and Android Phone.

Which batteries are required to operate the controller?

AAA alkaline batteries

Can I use ANY Bluetooth controller for the Sachin Saga VR Game?

No. It has to be specifically the Sachin saga controller which you can buy here.

Sachin Saga VR Game

Am I Paying for the Sachin Saga VR Game or Headset?

You pay only for the headset and controller. The Sachin Saga Game is absolutely free to download and play. But needs the Sachin Saga Bluetooth Controller to play shots.

I downloaded the game, but I can only see a split screen of the game. Why?

All VR Games need a VR Headset to play for a single screen immersive Experience. Without the Headset, there is no experience.

Do I need Internet to Play the Sachin Saga VR Game?

You need internet to download the game and once set up. The game can be played completely offline. The Multiplayer mode can also be played locally when both the Phones are connected through a common hotspot or WiFi. The hotspot does not need to have an internet connection.

Is this the only game that I can play on the Sachin Saga VR Headset?

No. You can play other VR games that you can download from the Google Cardboard App, watch VR Movies, YouTube VR Videos, etc.

Is internet mandatory to play VR videos?

Internet is not required for the Sachin Saga VR game. But it can vary for other applications and games.

Games and Apps

Which games are compatible?

Explore 3000+ apps and games with Google Cardboard. Below are few popular games which are compatible :

  • Deep Space
  • Titans of space
  • Urban Commando
  • Final Kick VR
  • Battle 360
  • Deep Space battle VR
  • VR Cave
  • VR Spaceship
  • VR Pacman
  • Apollo 15 moon landing
  • VR flying man

Which apps are compatible?

  • Google Spot Light
  • Expeditions
  • Lanterns of Google Cardboard
  • Full Deep Diving
  • Within

VR can also be used for watching 360 videos, 3D Side by Side Videos, Normal Videos, Google Street View on Cardboard App

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